Jonathan Milanes

🙏 Hey friend, thanks for creating the time to discover more about me. I’d assume you’ve landed here because we have a common interest (beyond the physical boundaries of reality). 

This website is where I’ll be capturing and expressing my life lessons, experiences and creative pursuits. I’ve gone through different evolutions of thyself and always wanted to encapsulate this somehow. And this may be the path…

I’ll be exploring, discussing and creating themes of:

  • Creativity (& its many forms)
  • Discovering Spirituality (& how deep this can go)
  • Personal Growth & Life Lessons
  • Coming-of-age (Insights to Growing Up)
  • Career and Professional Development
  • My Songs (project name: Quantm 3)
  • Entrepreneurial Pursuits
  • Documenting My Life

Let’s enjoy the journey together and find ourselves again – enjoy.

Current Projects I’m working on:

🎥 YouTube: videos of my personal journey, where I share holistic lessons from this thing we call life. Expect the truth, a man searching for meaning and some occasional music on the side

✍️ Newsletter (coming soon)

🎸 Musical Artist (coming soon)

🤳 Futurist Marketers: a platform where I educate and upskill professionals on all things marketing, business growth, leadership and adapting to the future

🚀 Proverve: a consulting agency where I help startups scale their business through growth marketing