“Jonathan Milanes delivers an aggressive pop-rock overtone, balanced with an astounding vocal performance that generates the kind of belief one might need in order to feel one’s true commitment” – Talk About Pop Music

Having released 3 singles in 2020 so far, self-producing artist Jonathan Milanes returns with ‘Coming of Age’ – an epic indie-rock track that sonically evokes dreamy textures and leaves you with an uplifting aesthetic by the end of your listening experience. It’s the kind of song you’d play during an evening road trip with fellow runaway dreamers; a swift goodbye to your former self. “I love the idea of searching for who you are by escaping your current circumstance and seeking what the world may offer. I captured that essence into the song by highlighting the lyrics and guitars through the use of space in the arrangement” says Jonathan.

London-based Jonathan Milanes is an alternative pop-rock artist/music producer, who draws an array of influence from the 80s era of music – blending elements of different genres and tonal elements, but sonically portrayed within pop-rock. His songs discuss themes of love, loss, coming-of-age, hope, and introspection; topics as complex as the human experience itself. He credits his perspective on creative artistic freedom from acts like Prince, The Beatles, and David Bowie.

Jonathan Milanes is of a Filipino/Turkish/Chinese/Spanish descent, and spent most of his adolescent years in the Philippines; where he eventually picked up the acoustic guitar after seeing his cousin play gigs at churches. He grew up mostly listening to radio stations that played 80s music, only to be obsessed with pop-culture after discovering MTV. He then returned to the UK at age 15 to be with his parents and seek what opportunities the country could provide him. Not long after, his obsession with music and playing guitar turned into a decision that altered his destiny – he raced towards music, without the brakes.

His first official gig was with his high-school band ‘Elite’ during a talent show, which was seen by over 1600 people in the audience. “To describe performing in front of an audience that size at 16 not nerve-wracking is an understatement. But once I sang the first few words of ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol, I knew music was where I belonged” states Jonathan. He then pursued studying both guitar and songwriting at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance not long after – forming multiple band projects, playing shows at small London venues, and releasing early demos of his songs on Soundcloud.

He eventually decided to be a solo artist, and learn music production as he couldn’t find the right producer for his project. This also entailed him to learn multiple instruments (bass, piano, ukulele), explore writing songs in different genres, making (hip-hop, lo-fi, and r&b) beats, as well as collaborating with other artists in the London singer-songwriter scene. His diverse endeavors within music speak loudly within his tonal aesthetic as an artist/producer hybrid, which supports the underlying alternative elements he adds to his productions – “I really admire creative artistic freedom in music, and I channel that belief within my songwriting and when I’m producing music”.

Jonathan Milanes is being a prolific artist by consistently releasing singles, mustering a catalogue of music, and building his fan base one by one DIY-style. He is also in the process of recording his sophomore album ‘Live Full, Die Empty’, which will highlight his signature pop-rock sound and infuse it with genre-blending production elements, inspired by the sounds of The 1975 and Tame Impala. He’s the diamond in the rough artist to watch this 2020.

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