‘‘I have a deep passion for self-discovery; finding a sense of purpose and meaning – and music helps me embody and express that side of me"

Jonathan Milanes’ sound is somewhere in between alternative and indie-pop; he is an underground DIY artist and bedroom producer, based in London (UK). He is a multi-instrumentalist with influences that range from a wide variety of genres and artists, just like his hero – Prince.

His first release of 2020, ‘Drive Me Away’, talks about two protagonists who is wanting to escape the city that they’re metaphorically stuck on. The song’s production delivers an aggressive pop-rock overtone, but balanced with an astounding vocal performance that generates the kind of belief one might need in order to feel one’s true commitment in there undertaking. At the heart of ‘Drive Me Away’, it is a song about escapism – but with an underlying sense of hope for a better tomorrow.

Jonathan Milanes was born in London (UK), though he spent most of his adolescent years in Manila (Philippines). He was inspired to learn the acoustic guitar after seeing his cousin play at a concert in front of hundreds of people at age 13. After returning to the UK, he fully delved into pursuing music; forming multiple bands, studying music and songwriting, learning multiple instruments and music production – and finally deciding to present himself as a self-producing solo artist at age 19.

His music can be described as alt-pop, and we listeners get the best of both worlds; an easily recognizable and relatable song, but left-field and unique enough to garner and output his own creativity and outlook in life and in his music. He describes ‘Prince’ as his biggest musical influence stating, ‘in terms of culminating creativity, Prince was the king’. Jonathan Milanes is born to a Turkish-father and a Mother of Filipino/Spanish/Chinese descent. The aspect of living in multiple cultures can clearly be heard in his music, as the songs he creates, hint at being more than one-dimensional in tone – there’s always an aspect of new perspectives dwelling in and out, both through the lyrics and production of his tracks.

Jonathan Milanes also runs a production platform, Soundprise which helps emerging alt-pop artists build careers through a music production treatment.

‘This is the story of a musician’s coming of age’.

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Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jonathanmilanes/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/JonathanMilanes

This is the story of a musician's coming of age