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Jonathan Milanes
“Jonathan Milanes delivers an aggressive pop-rock overtone, balanced with an astounding vocal performance that generates the kind of belief one might need in order to feel one’s true commitment” – Talk About Pop Music

London-based Jonathan Milanes is an alternative pop-rock artist/music producer, who draws an array of influence from the 80s era of music – blending elements of different genres and tonal elements, but sonically portrayed within pop-rock. His songs discuss themes of love, loss, coming-of-age, hope, and introspection; topics as complex as the human experience itself. He credits his perspective on creative artistic freedom from acts like Prince, The Beatles, and David Bowie.

Jonathan Milanes is being a prolific artist by consistently releasing singles, mustering a catalogue of music, and building his fan base one by one DIY-style. He is also in the process of recording his sophomore album ‘Live Full, Die Empty’, which will highlight his signature pop-rock sound and infuse it with genre-blending production elements, inspired by the sounds of The 1975 and Tame Impala. He’s the diamond in the rough artist to watch this 2020.